[Wine] Re: soundcard registry section

algarues wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Nov 22 11:45:30 CST 2008

the problem is that even though sound work, and it works fine,
in certain games (e.g. halo) there is the option to enable hardware acceleration for sound.
In case this option would work, the performance (especially in terms of fps) would be greatly enhanced.
In my case this option is always dimmed out, that is, my soundcard is not recognized.
I wonder why, and I think (maybe I am wrong) that editing the registry similarly to what suggested in the wiki, and putting some soundcard specific settings, my card would be recognized.
Alsa works perfectly as a sound driver on my linux distro.
It is just that the guidelines for editing the registry for sound are a bit unclear to me, but maybe seeing an example from some one who did it succesfully would help me.

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