[Wine] Re: This diff needs fixing.

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Nov 22 14:34:49 CST 2008

telek wrote:
> It is just me or is the entire Wine AppDB screwed up?
> Why is it that people complain when no-cd fixes are used when a programs is rated platinum, yet when you need to set and use native dll's it's okay?

If it needs native dlls, the rating should not be platinum. You are right, there are many apps incorrectly rated platinum in the AppDB. Some of this is from people ignoring ratings definitions, and some of it is from people conducting limited tests and getting "platinum" results for the few things they tested. 

> It's either one or the other, for example why is MS Office 2007 rated platinum for? You need native dll's and not wines versions to run it, 

The AppDB entries for Office (all versions) are intended for the installer only. Office 2007 does not need any overrides to install in recent versions of Wine. 

As far as running the programs, there are separate AppDB entries for the individual apps included in Office.  I don't think any are rated platinum. 

Unfortunately, many people have ignored the "installer only" specification in reporting test results for Office. Complicating things even further is the fact that there are multiple "editions" (Basic, Pro, etc.) of Office within each major version, and few people have bothered to report which edition they tested. The result, I agree, is a confusing mess. I recently signed on as a super maintainer for Office precisely to try to straighten some of that out. Suggestions are welcome. 

I don't see any favoritism in the AppDB; I do see a lot of inconsistency. That is inevitable; ratings are ultimately subjective.

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