[Wine] Installing Windows programs under WINE for Live session user

Panarchy wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Nov 23 04:41:12 CST 2008


I am currently creating a distribution built on Linux->Debian->Ubuntu 8.10-> Super Ubuntu.

I have added all the linux programs needed.

I have added all the windows (under WINE) programs needed.

I have put the icons for all the GUI programs (for both Windows[WINE] and Linux) on the Desktop.

I put it on the Desktop for every user.

I created my LiveCD using Remastersys.

I notice that when I go Applications->Wine->Programs, that the programs I installed via WINE aren't listed.

So I try the desktop icon. That doesn't work either.

Please tell me how to add my Windows (WINE) programs to the Live session user pre-creation of ISO.

Thanks in advance,


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