[Wine] Overriding of .dll libraries

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Mon Nov 24 17:48:08 CST 2008

On Monday November 24 2008 15:39:42 AndriyK wrote:
> Gcen wrote:
> > You will need to use an application like dependency walker to find out
> > what files are required to use the application.
> What does it exactly mean "use an application like dependency walker"?
> What should I do? How do I see what files are required?
> Thanks.

	Run this:

WINEDEBUG="+loaddll" wine youapplication.exe

	This will provide you with information about what DLLs your application is 
using. Depending on the nature of the problem you may try to guess what DLL 
to override however there is a possibility that this will not solve your 
	Also make sure to cd to the directory where your application's executable 
file is located and then run it from current directory like this:

wine yourapplication.exe

	Many application will fail to work otherwise.

	If above doesn't help and you want further assistance you really need to 
describe what exactly your problem is and how to reproduce it step-by-step in 
your application; also make sure to provide full terminal output. You can 
create it by running your application like this:

wine yourapplication.exe &> /tmp/terminal-output.txt

	Then you can post content of the terminal-output.txt.

	Thank you for using Wine.

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