[Wine] Overriding of .dll libraries

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Tue Nov 25 02:27:50 CST 2008

On Tuesday November 25 2008 03:12:07 Vincent Povirk wrote:
> Overriding libraries won't get you very far.
> ...
> L. Rahyen gave a fine explanation of how to find out what dll's an
> application is using. Trying to override them one by one is an
> approach, but it's not a very good one.

	You are right but there is too little details given so it is almost 
impossible to give a better advice in this case (unless you have the program 
to test; but even in such case it is usually a lot simpler when user gives 
instructions how to reproduce the bug).

> Please file a bug (and follow up on it when people ask for more
> information) so that there is a chance to get the problem fixed in
> Wine, even if you do work around it successfully.

	I often try to remind users about usefulness of bug reporting (when 
appropriate) but before giving such reminder I always trying to make sure 
that there *is* a bug to report. From personal experience I know that 
sometimes there is no bug to report but just user error or misconfiguration 
of some kind. In such cases it is better to prevent user from invalid bug 
reporting. Of course detailed description of the problem is essential in 
order to make conclusions what is bug and what isn't.

> If it does work, all it will tell you is that Wine's implementation of the
> particular dll you switched probably has something wrong with it. It will
> not lead to a fix in Wine.

	Actually if it works it is very useful because it not only gives a user 
possibility to get the job done but also helps to choose correct component in 
bug report.

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