[Wine] Re: ATI mobilty radeon 9200 & no PixelShader

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Nov 25 08:55:04 CST 2008

dreamer84 wrote:
> hello,
> the only reason I'm still using windows are games. Unfortunately games running perfectly there (e.g. Portal) refuse to start on wine complaining about a lack of PixelShader 1.1 (AFAIK my radeon should even have 1.4), 3dMark2001 (old one because I wanted a small download...) reports PixelShader: N/A
> Now my question: Is this wine related or is it my graphics driver? Direct rendering works, it's only the PixelShader. I'm using Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy), the driver (auto-selected) is fglrx, should I try radeon?

Wine can't emulate shaders that are not supported by hardware and/or driver. Direct rendering has nothing to do with shaders and is irrelevant here.

Just get yourself a better video card preferably with working drivers (that exclude Intel and ATI).

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