[Wine] RFC: Proposed new web site design

James Mckenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 25 10:01:08 CST 2008

Daniel Scharrer <dscharrer at gmail.com> at Nov 25, 2008 8:50 AM (MST) wrote about Re: RFC: Proposed new web site design
>The new user-centric design looks promising. Contrary to some others I
>quite like the round corners and more modern look. Here are a few
>- Light gray text on a white background is not so nice.

This is very hard to read.  I like a shade of Yellow on a Green background.  White on Green is better.  Easy on the eyes.  White on Red is also good.

>- I don't really like the icons too much: As others mentioned, a
>simple down arrow for the 'Download' icon might be better

The use of the down arrow is intuitive as well.  This may lead directly to an available download or download page.

>The Development icon is really non-intuitive. Better alternatives would be
>gears or a wrench (or both).

+1 for gears with wrench.

>- I think a big "Compatibility" link, as done in the re-layout, really
>belongs onto the front page. I'm guessing many users will want to know
>if their favorite app runs with wine before the download link even
>becomes relevant, both for users who are deciding weather to switch to
>Linux / Mac and those that just want to find out if there is any
>reason to upgrade from the Wine version that ships with their distro.

I agree.  A link to a Compatibility page should be on the Front Page where users can find it.  The compatibility page should have categories rather than colors as well:
Runs with Wine unaltered
Runs with Wine with Windows DLLS
Partially Runs with Wine
Partially Runs with Wine with Windows DLLS
DOES NOT RUN WITH WINE (Yes, the bold is deliberate.)

>+1 To the idea of getting screenshots back on the page,

+1 to this as well.  A small, clickable, screenshot of a running application does wonders.

James McKenzie

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