[Wine] Re: Having long term, critical issues with WoW

dering wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Nov 25 11:46:27 CST 2008

Sorry I forgot to include the crucial info of what exactly I have tried so far...

As for Nvidia drivers, I've used the restricted driver installer of Ubuntu to install everything from 177 and regressed down I think it was 93?  All of them came up with the same issue.

My buddy and I then ran winetricks, to see if it was missing dll issue.  No dice.

Our next move was going to be trying to reinstall all likely related packages to try and clear out any legacy BS that might be hanging around in a config file somewhere.  I've been running Ubuntu since 7.10, so It wouldn't shock me if there was something.  We never got that far though.

Addys, thanks for answering.  I took a look at that bug report, while I haven't checked it yet, the bug you mention, and the original it duplicates, both reference 64 bit deployments.  Just so I'm certain we're on the same page I'm sporting a Pentium 4, which is 32 bit.  Dunno if that changes anything, but I'm covering all the bases here.

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