[Wine] Re: help a noob

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Nov 26 06:44:34 CST 2008

prfry wrote:
> I have slow, ancient, bottom of the line internetz dialup (sometimes as low as 928 bytes/sec!). I just installed Ubuntu 8.10 and need to move my internet program (aol type setup) there. Since it's made for windows, i thought i could use WINE. So I downloaded the instalation packet from the archives (made for 8.10) and tried to install the packet. It said i still needed internet conection, but that is what i was installing! Was it a fluke of a download or do i really still need it? Thnx

If you mean you got that message from your package manager while trying to install Wine, there are probably dependencies that need to be installed as well. You could download all the dependencies individually and install them offline, but could run into "dependency hell." Normally your package manager will take care of all that for you, but you have to be online at the time you install for it to grab all the needed packages.  

If you are trying to install a Windows program to establish a dialup connection, I don't think Wine supports that. (I could be wrong.) But there are native Linux programs for that.

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