[Wine] Lotus Notes 6.5.1 (or 7.0.1) and Office connection via DDE

Davide Dozza davide.dozza at yacme.com
Thu Nov 27 02:12:40 CST 2008

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I use ubuntu 8.04 with wine 1.1.9.

I would like to get Office (2000 or 2003) and Lotus Notes (6.5.1 or
7.0.1) working together because of a Notes application with requires
Word acting as DDE server in order to generate documents.

After several tentatives with community packages I cannot get a working
Wine configuration. So I tried Bordeaux 1.4 that allowed me to install
Lotus and Office. I set up two configuration:
- - office2000 + Notes 6.5.1 which emulates Win98
- - office2003 + notes 7.0.1 which emulates Win2K

Each application seems to work singularly.

Win98 Env
- ---------
With Office 2000 (win98 env) Notes feeds Words via DDE. Passed data
substitute some fields in a Word template.
It seems that clipboard is involved in such data transfer and I received
an error message on that:
"Error Reading Metafile from Clipboard"
The process seems to proceed correctly but at the end, Word keeps the
file locked so Notes cannot print the doc.

I have found some regression issue about Notes but also with older wine
version I cannot solve the problem.

Win2K env:
- ---------
In this enviroment behavior is different.
When I try to access any Lotus application I receive the following error:
"Error loading USE or USELSX on module: *LSXODBC".
The error is different of previou. issue I submitted

It seems related to ODBC which are not available in wine office2003
environment. I tried to install MDAC 2.7 by applying this instruction
http://wiki.winehq.org/NativeOdbc without any result: I cannot find any

Any suggestion?

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