[Wine] Re: Overriding of .dll libraries

English_Mohican wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Nov 27 13:20:54 CST 2008

As I had a moan in my previous post, can I just say thank you Vincent for the most helpful, constructive and polite answer I have seen in a long while.

 I disagree when you say at the end that you have not answered the OP's question - I think you have given the best answer that is possible in the circumstances and he, like me, has to take the answer you gave and store it away and add bits more to it with time and try to use the knowledge you have provided. 

At least it provides something we can build on. I am now wiser and that seems to me to be a major part of the function of forums. If Wine wants to build a community, then these are the sort of answers we need. Thank you.

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