[Wine] Re: Wine + X3100 + Ubuntu 8.10 + Morrowind

English_Mohican wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Nov 27 13:52:59 CST 2008

We are in wild guess land here but have you tried the options like pbuffer, backbuffer and fbo in the registry? 

Morrowind is one of my favourite games and I was delighted when I found it ran under 1.1.8 (and 1.1.9) but for me it only runs with the OffscreenRenderingMode set to backbuffer. It crashes with pbuffer and I forget what happened with fbo. This is with OpenSuse and the fglrx drivers for my X700 card.

If the above does not mean much then post again and I will try to write up the details but it does not seem worth it if you have already sorted this side of things out.

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