[Wine] Disappearing Posts

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 27 18:31:27 CST 2008

notlistening wrote:
> I posted about SpeechSDK and the post seems to have disappeared is there  a reason for this is it not relevant on this forum?
What is this program?  Is it an SDK for developing speech-to-text
technology that is open and available to everyone?

The previous post was about violating a legal agreement that would get
the Wine project into legal trouble.

> I was informed by someone else doing similar work that they annoyed a moderator on here, but this is seperate work from them and i am a different person. As i described i am working to get the Text to Speech functionality working in wine of the SAPI package. I have a few problems with installation. 
Repeating myself:  The person suggested violating the use of registered
software patents (dispite several rulings against them, we are not free
of them quite yet and some software patents do have a reason to stand)
and incorporate this into Wine possibly bringing unwanted legal action
against the project.  Microsoft would very much like to see this project
go away and might vigorously prosecute any violation of aggreements
against it or anyone who violates them.
The Wine project has to be extremely clean of any code and patented

Now, you are free to use an open source speech-to-text solution and
build a program that works with Wine as a Native application and ask
that it be incorporated into the code.  It will be reviewed for legal as
well as proper function and whether or not it serves the Wine project. 
Do not be at all surprised if you are asked to start your own project as
this is on the edge of the Wine project and may be used to serve several
other projects. 

Also, please be aware that a commercial product, Dragon Naturally
Speaking, works with Wine and does so very well.

> How frustrating, I apologise in advance if this rant is in error. 
It is frustrating for us as well.  Several users of Wine would like to
see this functionality built into the product.  This is not a high
priority and there are no current Wine developers acting upon this based
upon the fact that an existing product, as mentioned, works with the
Wine environment.

James McKenzie

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