[Wine] Mouse crazy on Full screen app + Tablet PC

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 27 18:40:41 CST 2008

Cabalist wrote:
> Hi,  I don't really expect this to get fixed but I have an issue and I was hoping someone would be able to at least diagnose it.  I have a X41T Thinkpad.   It is a tablet pc and when I have a full screen app (i.e. game) open the digitizer pen goes nuts.  
> The cursor tries to go off the screen.  Holding it perfectly still will cause the mouse to glide slowly across the screen while moving it abruptly will cause it to shoot into the corner.  I am currently running Fallout2 @ 1024x768, my native resolution and keep having this problem.  This happens with other full screen apps also.
Does this tablet have a trackpoint mouse?  This sounds like the thermal
problems that I experienced with many of them.  If you take the pen off
of the screen, does the cursor continue to move?  This is an indication
that the TrackPoint is not disabled.  Unfortunately, my knowledge of
Linux does not include how to enable the Pen and disable this device.

James McKenzie

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