[Wine] Re: Using Linux Virtual Midi with WINE does not work

dirkmitt wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Nov 28 14:05:29 CST 2008

I thought that I should look up 'wineasio', since I have no experience with ASIO myself. Here is a link I could suggest to you, to compare using your Wine apps, where this Web pages sets up the arbitrary ASIO app "XT2". Thus, Don't follow every instruction here literally. But you may find some observations helpful:


Now the most important statement I was able to find here, was also the very last statement, in that wineasio MIDI does not work with Jack, whereas other ASIO, Audio emulation does. So what they write here, is ONLY TO HAVE Alsa CHECKED OFF.

Also, there was a second search result from AltaVista, reminding us that wineasio is not meant for Jack, if you're going to use the MIDI.

But then ultimately I guess that for serious musicians, ASIO is a b***h to set up. [Rolling Eyes] 
You'd have to set it up for use with Alsa on your Linux side then, from the beginning, and let me guess, does that throw a monkey-wrench into your plans? [Rolling Eyes]


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