[Wine] Re: Using Linux Virtual Midi with WINE does not work

dirkmitt wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Nov 28 14:59:44 CST 2008

I'm going to go out on a limb here, and guess that it's not by design, then, that you would have chosen the Jack driver in your winecfg panel, but just an attempt to get Wine to accept your MIDI.

But here is my point more concisely: If under the Jack audio drivers branch of the winecfg window, there are no MIDI entries, because I also don't see MIDI entries there, it means that you won't have access to your Linux-MIDI ports from within Wine, if you go with Jack. At first I thought, though, that you had a specific reason to do so.

But let's assume that you don't really care just yet, whether you have Alsa as the Linux basis for your sound. According to what I've read, Alsa is really the way to go anyway.

I assume that even with the Alsa branch of your winecfg window uniquely checked off, Wine may not be able to connect to your Linux-MIDI ports, unless you also have the kernel module 'snd-seq' loaded. So to see if it is loaded, you might just try

lsmod | grep snd-seq

If this turns up nothing, you'd next try

modprobe snd-seq

Of course, you never run Wine as root.

Now I'm biting my nails over this advice to you, because I don't know whether this module is compatible with 'snd-virmidi' or not. If it isn't, your kernel could freeze. Yet, by supplying Wine users with Alsa MIDI, but no Jack MIDI, this kernel module just might be needed BY WINE ITSELF, for no better reason than 'just because'.

But if your lsmod query shows you, that as a dependency of the other kernel modules snd-seq is already loaded, then I can offer you no other advice. Good luck!


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