[Wine] Halo

Gert van den Berg wine-users at mohag.net
Sat Nov 29 01:33:41 CST 2008

On Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 11:46 PM, Scott <wineforum-user at winehq.org> wrote:
> Yes, I am beginning to perceive that as the conventional wisdom as I browse around this forum. However it does bring rise to my curiosity as to why a number of games that I could not get to run at all now do, and I haven't encountered any of the potential problems that those who say you shouldn't install it speak of.
The easy way to get the potentially useful DLLs out of DirectX, is di
get winetricks, and then run it into a seperate WINEPREFIX. (something
like 'WINEPREFIX=~/.wine-directx sh winetricks directx') (I'm not sure
about the exact parameter for winetricks, but it is documented

You can then copy the DLLs from the windows and windows\system32
directories... (It is a )
>  Of course on the other hand not being able to run any games without it, I wouldn't recognize them for what they were even if they existed now that I have dx installed.
Look at the AppDb which DLLs are needed for your games...

You also need to set Wine to override the DLLs from winecfg...

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