[Wine] Re: YET ANOTHER world of warcraft help-a-noob

ulberon wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Nov 29 06:23:21 CST 2008


I recommend using the DirectDrawRenderer and set it to opengl.  I also recommend setting your cards video memory under the VideoMemorySize key.  I've messed with "RenderTargetLockMode" and chose textex for my nvidia card, I really couldn't find any appreciable difference between the options, I think one option slightly lowered my fps when I was testing them.

Here is also a ton of info on just running wine and wow:

As other posters have mentioned before, to access files it says you don't have permission to, its better to use 'sudo'.  For instance, to open a file in ubuntu:
sudo gedit <path to file>
sudo gedit myFile
sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Under kubuntu, use 'kate'
sudo kate <path to file>

"sudo" runs the single command with root privileges.

Be careful when modifying xorg.conf, make a backup.  Also, switching to linux with an ati graphics card was a poor choice.  If it can be helped, buy a nvidia card.  Also, when upgrading to 8.10, the restricted drivers offered by ubuntu were crap for nvidia, I had to install beta drivers manually (which is fun, because every kernel patch breaks them).

Hopefully someone with knowledge of ati, wine and wow can help.

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