[Wine] Re: Can Wine be configured to access unmountable harddrive?

jsstevenson wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Oct 1 01:47:20 CDT 2008

Thanks for reply Tlarhices.

Yes I have used Photorec and recovered about 80GB of files but as you will know photorec achieves this by a low-level read of the drive by looking for file headers and footers and as such cannot retrieve filenames, folder structures or other attributes of the data that the MFT entries would produce.

I have run the windows program "Recover My Files" on a windows box and it can recover nearly 140GB of data in its original state (names, attributes, folders, etc) by searching at sector level for the signature of MFT entries which it can then reconstruct...but... I was only using my old laptop with windows installed to scan the drive (the scan took 5days!) and now I have to save the files that it has identified but I only have 10GB on the laptop and USB 1.1 on the laptop also.  The problem in that setup is that the corrupted drive is connected to the laptop through an external USB drive enclosure thus for me to save the 140GB of identified files will take forever as the laptop pulls them from the USB drive via a USB 1.1 port!!  This is why it would be nice to get the program working on my Linux box which doesn't suffer from any such bottlenecks!

I was really impressed with photorec though when I used it a few weeks ago - definately a life-saver at that time.


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