[Wine] Call of Duty 4

Ilhamlet wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Oct 1 10:29:06 CDT 2008

Good day guys!  :) 
I have a few questions for you )
Archlinux "overlord" on samsung r25 laptop (ati radeon x2300, 1.6ghz core 2 duo, 2gb ram), + wine 1.0 from sources with [3dmark patch] and wine 1.1.5 from arch reposit.   :) 
i'l try to start Call of duty 4, and specially CoD4 multiplayer with Pb =)
With patched wine 1.1.5 or with this from the repositories cod4 doesn't start with this error " Video card bla bla bla dowsn't support separate alpa glow , glow will be disabled". Than i downloaded sources of wine 1.0 and patch it with 3dmark.diff. Wine get installed on /usr/local/bin and it toooo slow if i run winecfg :) But game start and i see black black screen like a "black square" of Malevich. I change videomemory size to [256], offscreendr to [fbo] and get black screen again  [Laughing] 
in terminal i have this (last strings of log)
=>1 0x7e237e00 (0x0032f1a4)
  2 0x7e8c3108 (0x0032f464)
  3 0x7e8fcb22 (0x0032f7e4)
  4 0x7e8d308b (0x0032f854)
  5 0x7e9b99be in d3d9 (+0x99be) (0x0032f884)
  6 0x00602ae1 in iw3sp (+0x202ae1) (0x00000000)
err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection section 0x7e9d3058 "d3d9_main.c: d3d9_cs" wait timed out in thread 0011, blocked by 0009, retrying (60 sec)
and for me it /dev/null
Any ideas?
Great thanks i get before :) 
Ps: soory for my baaad english  : :D

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