[Wine] SegFault with World of Warcraft

AapoAlas wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Oct 4 04:32:53 CDT 2008


A rather new wine user here. I'm running a 64bit ArchLinux and have installed wine and practically all 32bit libs, so as far as I know, I shouldn't have a problem there.

I'm trying to play World of Warcraft, but when starting the game up, it complains about Segmentation Fault and something about the LD_LIBRARY_PATH.http://pastebin.com/m7d89e8d4
There is the output when normally executing WoW.exe with wine while in the World of Warcraft folder.

On the #WineHQ channel a friendly guy tried to help me and told me to execute the WoW.exe with "/opt/wine/bin/wine" command. So I did, and ended up with the following output.

More about my machine (can be seen on my signature too):
I have a GeForce 9800M GT video card and have the newest beta-version drivers for it (nvidia-beta 177.x and nivida-utils-beta 177.x). The driver being beta shouldn't really matter, 'cause this problem was present even when I had the newest stable drivers.

The World of Warcraft installation I am using is the newest Burning Crusade -patch and it has been copied straight from my Windows computer. Don't know if that could be an issue, though.

Hmm, what more... Oh well, I suppose that's about all.

Oh, except for the thing that my wine has been able to run Heroes 3 and Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 (only cinematics, though), so my wine is at least somehow working.


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