[Wine] Re: SegFault with World of Warcraft

loltsy wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Oct 4 13:15:10 CDT 2008

Chris MacKay wrote:
> You can't just copy WoW from your Windoze side to Wine and have it work. Seg faults and errors will plague you, and the odds of making it work are nil. :)

Actually my experience tells me that WoW does not create any magic install time registry keys it can't rebuild at runtime if not present in the system. I have tarred up the dir and copied to a completely different system great many times and it always works be it windows or wine. There are no "product ids" or other nonsense since it requires a subscription anyway.

The install takes about an hour so I've done everything to avoid it and so far I've been successful every time.

I'd try a clean ~/.wine first and then checking the libs since it's likely an incompatible/missing/broken library/setting somewhere in the system that is crashing it.

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