[Wine] Available Memory Mapping Space (PC Study Bible 5)

lostandfound wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Oct 5 07:46:31 CDT 2008

I'm running PC Study Bible 5 through Wine. It works pretty fine, only need to install Gecko, which I did through winetricks, and change the windows version to Windows ME or earlier (98, 95, etc.).

However, due to the large number of references used in the program (and the fact that ALL of them are loaded to memory on startup), the program gives me this warning:-

"Exhausted Available Memory Mapping Space - program may run slowly"

And it does run slowly. I'm happy it runs, though, registered here just to give a big thank you to all the devs working on this wonderful project. Am just wondering whether there's any way to allocate more of my memory (I have 3 GB on this laptop) to Wine itself or to the executable run using Wine. Google and forum search haven't turned up anything much (except stuff on REDUCING the amount of memory showed to the apps).

Thanks for your time, and once again thanks for this terrific example of FOSS coding.

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