[Wine] Available Memory Mapping Space (PC Study Bible 5)

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 5 22:10:25 CDT 2008

lostandfound wrote:
> I never really checked in Windows, cos haven't gotten that error msg b4, but I do remember that it did use a whole chock-ful of memory. Badly written program (why in the world do they load EVERY reference work I have to memory on startup?) but very good for what it does.
> Will reboot to windows to check, perhaps. I'd assume from your reply that there's no simple way to check the amount of allocated memory/increase that amount?
> Oh, and from my System Monitor (I'm running Gnome) I can see the items which are taking up all that memory, basically about 30-50 MB each for each reference work I have, it just loads the whole file to memory.
Lost and Found:

I'm glad you got this reference work to run under Wine.

To check its memory use, use the Task Manager application in Windows. 
It should show how much memory is in use by the program.

Also, it is not possible, to my knowledge, to increase available memory
to any task.  However, it may be possible to 'tweak' virtual memory in
Wine so that you have more available for use.

James McKenzie

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