[Wine] WoW + Wine + Twinview = Annoying jumping cursor

rshaw3 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Oct 6 11:14:17 CDT 2008

Ok, this isn't really a simple thing to describe so I'll state the basic problem first and things I've noticed that are most likely associated with it.

The problem is while playing World of Warcraft on a Twinview activated X-Server, the camera will do random jumps around my character when the mouse is clicked. 

Now by 'random' I actually mean a few things:

1. This doesn't happen on every mouse click and will not happen for some periods of time or will happen over and over in a short period of time (race condition?)

2. The camera usually jumps approximately 180 degrees around the character, not always 180 degrees but close most of the time.

Along with this camera jumping behavior, I've noticed that when a mouse button is raised from being clicked, the cursor will jump to my other monitor (Again, I have Twinview activated, with WoW running windowed on one screen, and typically a web broswer on the other). It seems that the some mouseButtonUp event is resetting the cursor to the center of my Twinview screen (I can clicked near the top or bottom of the WoW window and upon release the cursor will jump towards the center.)

This mouse jumping happens with WoW in either openGL or direct3D mode, KDE or Gnome, X.Org 7.2 or X.Org 7.4. Also the mouse jumping will only occur after loading into the world (It won't jump when the title screen, character-select screen, or loading screens are shown.)

I'm figuring that the mouse cursor jumping to the center of the X-Server's screen is probably linked to the camera jumps in WoW. The problem is I'm not sure how to continue to debug this so I've decided to seek help on the forums here.

Anybody have any advice, suggestions, or genuine help to offer that can lead me in at least a direction to pinpoint the actual cause of this behavior? If more info is needed, I'd be glad to try and give it.

Here are some of my system stats/info/etc:
- Ubuntu 8.10 (was 8.04 a week ago but this behavior was present before the upgrade)
- GeForce 7300 GS
- Wine compiled from latest git source
- WoW is run windowed mode, on one desktop

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