[Wine] Re: winspool.drv

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Oct 6 15:58:00 CDT 2008

xstaticxgpx wrote:
> Recently I've been having a problem with winspool.drv taking an extremely long time to initialize - about 5 minutes. I've had no problems running the apps/games I need, but they take awhile to start and can get very frustrating... I've tried placing winspool.drv/.exe from windows xp into my system32 but that only created more problems.
> This issue started randomly (wine 1.1.5) and I have no idea why. I'm running Arch x64 and the only thing that changed on my system was some package upgrades (downgrading didnt fix the problem so it's not that) - any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

This is known problem - if you have a network printer configured in CUPS and that printer is not available, it does take up to 5 minutes for Wine to start.

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