[Wine] Logitech G11 keyboard and wine

PleegWat pleegwat at telfort.nl
Mon Oct 6 16:22:17 CDT 2008

vitamin wrote:
> PleegWat wrote:
>> I've verified this by keysymming all extra buttons to the @ sign, and 
>> using 'wine notepad' to test which ones work.
>> I'm running a current dev verison from GIT.
> So what's your question/problem?

Well, my problem was not being able to get all of the extra keys 
working, but that may not have been completely clear from my post.

Anyway, I figured the problem out myself. I dove into the code for a 
bit, and found out it did not have any unused vkeys to assign them to.

I made an ugly hack and added the F13-F24 range, which gives enough 
entries for all of the extra keys on my G11. This seems to work for the 
program I want to use them in (wow), so it's fine with me.

If anyone is interested I'm willing to post the hack I used.


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