[Wine] Logitech G11 keyboard and wine

PleegWat pleegwat at telfort.nl
Tue Oct 7 01:32:31 CDT 2008

oiaohm wrote:
> http://keytouch.sourceforge.net/ And a few other tools like it exist to handle creating multimedia keys to real keys under linux PleegWat no major hacking needed.

Looks like a nice app, but it also looks like a solution to a problem 
I've already solved. My buttons already work in linux - they just didn't 
work in wine yet.

 From what I've seen in the code, windows assigns 30 keycodes for 'OEM 
keys', which can be freely used for any purpose by keyboard 
manufacturers. My keyboard has 29 (18 G keys, 3 M keys, an MR key, and 7 
audio control keys). Additionally, I've got a multi key mapping in my 
.Xmodmap file.

It seems wine uses up some of the 30 available slots on keys that aren't 
on my keyboard, and I guess I'll debug that tonight if I feel like it, 
but the result of that is that there are more keys to assign than there 
are available keycodes. My hack worked around that.

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