[Wine] CRLF issue

Steve Krause krauses at deerpark.wednet.edu
Thu Oct 9 10:28:57 CDT 2008

Hello, I am fairly new to wine.  I have dabbled very little over the years, however I am setting up a couple of thin client servers in our small school district.  At the elementary and middle school level, they want to run Scholastic Reading Counts programs on the clients.  I can install and run under Wine and it appears to work, but while testing the quizzes, I noticed only the first line of the question appears.  My guess is a translation of CRLF and only LF so that the next line of the question does not return to fit in the box.  I have searched the AppDB and WineHQ various areas with no luck.  Any tips?  Thanks.

Steve Krause, CNE
Network Manager
Deer Park School District #414
Deer Park, WA
(509) 464-5567
krauses at deerpark.wednet.edu
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