[Wine] The Tournament Director 2 won't run

bun.tu wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Oct 10 06:07:49 CDT 2008

Hello there,

I'm using "The Tournament Director" for my job, and i'd like to use it at my ubuntu-machine at home as well.

You can get the software at http://www.thetournamentdirector.net/download.html (free 30 day-trial)

It installed without problems, but when i tried to use it, nothing would happen. - I copied the necessary "mshta.exe" into the "system32" directory of my wine installation, now when i try to run TD.exe i get:

fixme:process:RegisterApplicationRestart (L"\"ms-its:TD.lib::/directorFS.hta\"",0)
fixme:mshtml:RunHTMLApplication 0x1000000 (nil) "\"ms-its:TD.lib::/directorFS.hta\"" 10

I'm using ubuntu 8.04 and wine 1.1.5 without any modifications.

Has anyone had more luck with this software?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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