[Wine] Re: Regarding Wine Debugging

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Oct 10 08:46:08 CDT 2008

sainath wrote:
> What is the channel we have to use to know the those function calls and their return values.

If this is builtin dll then you already have that - "relay" channel shows all function calls with few exceptions. BUT by default internal calls to winex11.drv, user32, gdi32, advapi32 and kernel32 are excluded - see [HKCU\Software\Wine\Debug\RelayFromExclude] registry key.

For native dlls you can use +snoop channel. However in some cases it can break execution of a program. So keep that in mind when things stop working.

sainath wrote:
> In the log report  of   WINEDEBUG=trace+relay  there are two variables "retval" and "ret". what is their significance?

ret - returning address (next command after "call").
retval - returned value from the function.

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