[Wine] Encouraging producers to develop under Linux

Tomasz Salacinski tsalacinski at gmail.com
Fri Oct 10 20:10:30 CDT 2008


I was just thinking about how to encourage software developers to
publish games for platforms other than Win32.

All is about marketing - even though game is working perfectly under
Linux/WINE  (for example - Prey), game publisher won't give any
information about it.

I was thinking about a certificate or something for software publishers.
Something like a small label that you can attach to your product that
will inform people that it works under other platforms than Windows -
something like Games for Windows.

With this, game devs will have one more "supported" platform, and they
will be encouraged to change their code slightly to make the application
work under WINE (you can make things work in different ways, sometimes
you need to change a very small piece of code to make it

For example, the label might look like "Works fine under WINE" and the
WINE version (to make sure the product will actually work for user - he
will know which WINE version to use to avoid regressions etc) and WINE

Companies care more about certificates, logos etc. With this certificate
they will be able to convince Linux and Mac users to buy the product.
And, people that are using other platforms will have more apps and games
to play.

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