[Wine] Re: Lack of DOS support in wine

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Oct 12 19:10:20 CDT 2008

mangamuscle wrote:
> I am aware that Wine is not an emulator. But instead of emulating a vintage architecture wouldn't it be feasible to simply implement all the DOS api calls? Instead of emulating the 286/386 simply use the legacy (virtual, real or protected) mode of modern x86/x64 cpus? instead of emulating CGE/EGA/VGA allow only VESA graphic modes? Would it be feasible to write an api that mimics the funcionlality of a sounblaster card bios?

This is pretty much what Wine does. Inside the realm of windows architecture. It's more complicated then just standalone DOS emulation like what DOSBox does. As far as sharing code with DOSBox - it's not possible. Wine is licensed under LPGL. And DOSBox is GPL.

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