[Wine] Re: Need help with an old VB application

ccxx wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Oct 14 06:03:04 CDT 2008

vitamin wrote:
> ccxx wrote:
> > Regarding the 2.4 i think it does not apply to this case because the application calls OO Writer passing the file name of the document like a parameter of the command line ( like "Z:\usr\bin\oowriter C:\Programs\xxx\yyy\1.RTF "
> That's exactly what FAQ 2.4 is all about - calling Linux application from Wine and passing it a file to open.

The Faq 2.4 is about how to associate some Linux program with a file type in Wine. If my application does a shell to call the .doc, 2.4 is the solution.
Whereas my application call OO with the .doc file like a parameter, i think the 2.4 does not apply in my case.
Infact Wine does not know what type of file my application is calling because it's OO that will open the .doc.
But if i'm on the wrong way, I apologize ......

ccxx wrote:
> A question : why OO give to me a message where the path of the document is "/C:/Programs/xxx/yyy/1.RTF" and not "C:\Programs\xxx\yyy\1.RTF" ?

You have to use "winepath" program to translate paths between windows and unix paths. Windows programs obviously use windows paths. You can't give them to unix programs.[/quote]

I readed something about "winepath" but i don't understand how to apply it in this case. I can write only the full path of the OOWriter whithout spaces .

At this point i think there is not a solution ... but it's stupid.

Thank you for your answer

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