[Wine] Re: How about this replacement of WINE

linooxlee wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Oct 14 09:31:29 CDT 2008

Magiclinux is the first distribution that unifiedkernel embedded in. the last version of Magiclinux is 2.1-rc3 and the version of

unifiedkernel is 0.2.2-rc .

you can get it here: 



2f099f02d7b7b982ffc161a9f363d7c3  MagicLinux-2.1.rc3.uni-1.iso


unified kernel and reactos are the replacements of ms windows. but their technology are very different. reactos start from zero and the authores write all of the codes to implement the windows environment, that are very hard works. and unified kernel start from linux, it use linux stuff and use ReactOS codes as reference to build windows environment. unified kernel have implemented the Process/Thread management,Object management,Virtual memory management,hronization etc. but some functiones have not achieved yet. so unified use wine to offer those functiones. the route of unified kernel is:

( Linux + Wine ) =>… =>… => ( Linux' + Wine' )

The "unified kernel" project develop the linux kernel modules that offer windows kernel functiones and patches WINE to use its module.

if (the functiones have implemented in unified-kernel-module)

use unified-kernel functiones


use wine functiones (winesever have moved into kernel space)


in the end, wine only offer the dll files. but the kernel32.dllgdi32.dlluser32.dll and ntdll.dll are different from wine's. if you have mswindows copyright, you can replace all of the dll files with the dll files of mswindows, include kernel32.dllgdi32.dlluser32.dll and ntdll.dll.

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