[Wine] Re: Microsoft Systems Management Server

Aethies wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Oct 14 15:44:47 CDT 2008

pc_bil wrote:
> From google, I can see that cmprov.dll comes from SMS so I'm wondering why you needed to copy it.  Either the installer is broken under Wine or perhaps you're missing a step in the installation?
> Anyway, 
> > err:module:import_dll Library NALSvr.dll (which is needed by L"C:\\smsadmin\\bin\\i386\\cmprov.dll") not found 
>  is the obvious error.  nalsvr.dll also comes from SMS.
> Copying that file might make the installation go further but I do wonder why you need to copy these files manually.  Does this method of installation work under windows?

These were files that the installer for some reason needed in a windows environment.  By copying them over, I got the installer to finish all the way through, but it would not connect to our sms server.  Found that the main reason was because I wasn't authenticating to our domain.  

I haven't gone any further with this at this time, I am running windows through vmware.  This is tedious, but I am willing to use that for the time being until another better solution comes out or we change our processes at work.  I appreciate all the comments and help provided by you guys.  I hope to work on this again when I get some time because I can't see this NOT working. 

Thanks again!

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