[Wine] Re: wineboot with comctl32 native

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Oct 14 21:58:49 CDT 2008

xekhz wrote:
> I am trying to overide the dll so that wine uses native comctl32 . That is why I have WINEOVERRIDES and WINEDLLPATH
> Is this correct ???

No it's wrong. WINEDLLPATH is for builtin dlls. You have to copy native dlls into system32 or into program's directory. Wine will still use bultins unless you explicitly tell Wine to use natives.

On the separate note you should NEVER EVER override all those dlls. Go one at a time or you will break everything.

AND in case of comctl32.dll you still have to make an extra step. Otherwise Wine will still use it's own. That extra step - remove associated manifest file from windows/winesxs/manifests.

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