[Wine] Re: wineboot with comctl32 native

xekhz wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Oct 15 06:41:03 CDT 2008

vitamin wrote:
> xekhz wrote:
> > I am trying to overide the dll so that wine uses native comctl32 . That is why I have WINEOVERRIDES and WINEDLLPATH
> > 
> > Is this correct ???
> No it's wrong. WINEDLLPATH is for builtin dlls. You have to copy native dlls into system32 or into program's directory. Wine will still use bultins unless you explicitly tell Wine to use natives.
> On the separate note you should NEVER EVER override all those dlls. Go one at a time or you will break everything.
> AND in case of comctl32.dll you still have to make an extra step. Otherwise Wine will still use it's own. That extra step - remove associated manifest file from windows/winesxs/manifests.

Thanks, for the info.
How did I read the oposite of what was written.....
Stupid me....
Thanks. Working 100%

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