[Wine] IrfanView vs FastStone: wine in Ubuntu

Teresa binstock binstock at peakpeak.com
Wed Oct 15 07:59:57 CDT 2008

I tried Irfanview via wine in my Ubuntu laptop. Install seemed to occur, 
but desktop IrfanView icon did not work.  There seemed to may to make 
IrfanView run via wine. So I tried FastStone. Its install worked, and 
its desktop icon was functional. I've read numerous threads about 
problems installing IrfanView via wine on LInux machines. I wonder what 
FastStone has done correctly that IrfanView is omitting. I'd like to 
give IrfanView a try on my Linux laptop. Perhaps a wine person or 
several as a constructive suggestion.

Ubuntu 8.04.1 on Asus 901, 2 gig ram.


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