[Wine] Sound skips in all games since Wine 1.1.6

tparker tparker at etherstorm.net
Thu Oct 16 17:56:53 CDT 2008

Haven't run testing yet but will do so, just sounding in (no pun 
intended). I am having the same sound issue with Wine 1.1.6. I've only 
played two games since updating and both do this - City of 
Heroes/Villans and WoW.

-Ubuntu Hardy, 32 bit (running on 64 bit processor)
-built into mainboard sound, no additional sound cards
-sound in both games worked fine previous to update with same wine.cfg 
-system sound not through wine works fine
-sound in wine works fine for both ventrilo and teamspeak
-sound in WoW built in voice chat does not work - stutters same as game 
sound effects and music.


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