[Wine] Re: ouch

Manorba wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Oct 16 18:29:13 CDT 2008

didn't mean to cause trouble, i'm sorry for that.
it's just that i made a stupid move and hoped there was i kind of magical quick fix... like just a messed up init... but really NP with eventually reinstalling it, and that doesn't mean i support M$ or that i think someone from wine owes me a help, really. ya know, just i said above  :) 
like someone said, you learn from mistakes... and what really makes me sad is that now i have a perfect and smooth linuxbox (even managed to make the xfi work with alsa) and i'll have to waste time reinstalling that stuff, that for me is nothing more than an xbox or a ps...

then again, sorry...

if i'm allowed one question, as ever wine dealed with logitech steering wheels, force feedback and stuff like that?

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