[Wine] UNC Mapping with WINE

mitchman333 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Oct 17 08:32:46 CDT 2008

My apologies if this is an off-topic WINE question...

I have 5 Wintel machines that all UNC map over to my Ubuntu server (\\Ubuntu\M-Music\) for my MediaMonkey application.  I use SAMBA for network sharing and it works perfectly.

I am trying to configure WINE to have the same UNC mapping structure on my Linux machine (eg. \Ubuntu\M-Music\) so I can share a common SQLite database throughout the network.

I do not use Drive Letter mapping, rather I use UNC Mapping (long story) but that seems to be my confusion with the Winecfg settings - everything seems Drive letter based.

All media files, DB reside on the Ubuntu machine.

I've tried the manual (pg 14) for network shares and some Forum postings - but no luck in getting it configured correctly.

Any help would be great - thank you.

--  Mitchman

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