[Wine] Re: interline and vstretch

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Oct 17 09:11:24 CDT 2008

David Griffith wrote:
> Could someone tell me why -interline is required to run Oddworld: Abe's
> Oddysee?  How does one turn off -vstretch?  For someone to fix this, where
> would one look in Wine's source code?

These are game options, not Wine options, and appear designed to fix known display problems that exist in Windows as well. The game's readme says:

> If the game runs too slowly on your machine, or if the movies
> are jerky, you may want to try the alternate display modes.
> You must create a shortcut to run the AbeWin.exe program
> with the appropriate command line option.  First, locate
> the file AbeWin.exe (in the directory you installed to,
> probably C:\Program Files\Abe's Oddysee), and right click
> on the file.  Select "Create Shortcut", then find the
> Shortcut file created (called "Shortcut to Abe's Oddysee").
> Right click on this, then select Properties.  Choose the
> Shortcut tab, and edit the "Target" field, adding one of
> the following command line parameters to the end of the
> line (seperated from AbeWin.exe by a space) :
> -interline       Every other line is blacked out. 
> -vstretch        Lines are doubled (this may not work
>                  on some display cards, if it doesn't,
>                  use INTRLINE).

If I'm reading that correctly, if you didn't turn on -vstretch, there's nothing to turn off.

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