[Wine] sharing my itunes library over my wlan w/ mojo on wine

18turbo wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Oct 18 08:48:18 CDT 2008

Hi, Im not even n00b to linix or wine because I havent even tried to use either yet but I plan on changing that tonight.  Is knoppix a good way to go and can I run wine on knoppix? for some of my windows machines I have used a program called mojo:
http://www.deusty.com/software/windows.php  has anyone tried to run it in wine?  I know that most tech people hate itunes and apparently it doesnt play particularly nicely with wine but I have no idea how to share music over my network on my newly rebuilt media center which I have no operating system for yet.  Does anyone have any alternatives to itunes and mojo for acessing my collection without having to sync it somehow and have four copies on 4 computers of one song?  Mojo makes it very easy by almost acting as a remote desktop, it finds your itunes library then transmits it over the network and when you open the program remotely it looks just like an itunes window.  Im going to try all of this when I get off my work computer but I was wondering if anyone had tried it already.

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