[Wine] Guitar Pro in Wine?

Tomasz Salacinski tsalacinski at gmail.com
Sat Oct 18 12:13:28 CDT 2008

Yes, you can use Guitar Pro in Wine. I am personally using Guitar Pro 4
(but AFAIK GP5 works pretty well too).

To use it, you'll have to install a midi synth. If you own a
soundblaster live card, you can use awesfx. If you have other one, you
can use software synth like Fluidsynth (apt-get instal fluidsynth
afaik). Then, you have to download some soundfonts (samples). Best one
is free soundfont called "Chorium".

Then, you do like this:
fluidsynth Chorium.sf2

Then, you need to open a new terminal, go to GP4 directory and type:
wine GP4.exe.

Then just configure GP4 to use "Synth Input" port for MIDI.

It does work well and sound quality is better than on Winodws! If you
will use Timidity synth, the "Chorus" etc scrollbars will work to (they
never worked for me on Windows).

Dnia 2008-10-17, pią o godzinie 05:04 -0500, Roobmeister pisze:
> My uncle recently bought a new computer and he wants me to help him install Guitar Pro.
> The thing is, he doesn't have Windows, and I'm thinking of installing Ubuntu with wine on the comp.
> Quiz time!
> Can you use wine, with GP, and if you can, deos it perform poorly in any ways?

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