[Wine] SPORE with GF5900XT + Ubuntu 8.04

Faras wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Oct 18 14:25:02 CDT 2008

Did anyone tried to plays spore GF5900XT and ubuntu 8.04

Cause I have a problem..
game instals normaly
but after launching I cannot see galaxy (I see menu on the left side and menu icon in left bottom corner)... So I click on screen blindly, then I find planet "new game" it starts, but in cell stage I dont see any water and any creatures, I cannot see my cell :( so its imposible to play at all.

my system:
agp_aperture_size: 92
cpu: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3000+
cpu_ghz: 2.00
distro: Ubuntu 8.04 hardy
kernel: 2.6.24-19-generic
machine_bitness: 32
memory: 1519
soundcard: VIA 8237 with VT1616i at 0xec00, irq 20
soundcard_driver: ALSA Version 1.0.16
videocard_direct: True
videocard_driver_version: 2.1.2 NVIDIA 173.14.12
videocard_manufacturer: NVIDIA Corporation
videocard_ram: 128
videocard_type: GeForce FX 5900XT/AGP/SSE2/3DNOW!
x_version: X.Org X Server
GUI version: 000133

any ideas??? I presume, I have tried everythin from google and failed :(

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