[Wine] Windowing bug under KDE4.1

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 19 19:48:30 CDT 2008

Evil Jay wrote:
> I've replaced my video card and am now having MUCH better results with
> CounterStrike:Source (I love Wine!).  Most of my problems were due to
> a defective EVGA 9600GT.
> However, I discovered a new windowing bug today with CS:S and other
> Source-based games (I verified the same behavior under the Zombie
> Panic total conversion) running under KDE4.1 (no Compiz, Kubuntu 8.10b1).
> Do this:
> 1)  Start CS:S on your first desktop.
> 2)  Configure CS:S to run in windowed mode in a window smaller than
> your desktop.  You should see a CS:S window with your standard KDE
> windows decorations.  So far, so good....
> 2)  Use the pager applet to flip to a second desktop
> 3)  Flip back to the first desktop.
> 4)  At this point you will see not only a window with your standard
> KDE windows decorations, but inside that window will be a Windows
> window with Windows decorations.  All mouse clicks will be offset by
> the number of pixels equal to the second, Windows, titlebar.  (You
> have to click below everything)
> You can recover by using the Windows titlebar to maximize the game
> window - which will maximize the KDE window and get rid of the Windows
> window.  Then, flip to the second desktop.  Flip back to the first
> desktop and you will again have a Windows window inside your KDE
> window again.  Hit the restore button on the Windows window, and the
> KDE window will shrink back to normal size and the Windows window will
> have disappeared.  Wow, that's some redundant use of the word "window".
> I hope some dev can make sense of my rambling and use it to improve
> Wine.  Thanks.
Evil Jay:

First thank you for the longish explanation of your problem.  However,
posting it here may not get it fixed.  Can you file a bug report in
Bugzilla after checking if a report already exists.  Also, can you
update the Applications Database with your findings?  I don't want your
hard work to be lost in the mailing list/forum shuffle.

Thank you.

James McKenzie

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