[Wine] Re: Gollden Tee Golf

immortalsoule wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Oct 20 03:28:37 CDT 2008

DOS4dinner wrote:
> So what happens? Does it just crash? What error messages does it send to the terminal? What OS and version of Wine are you using? We (er, the people that know a lot about wine, which isn't me) need a bit more than "It doesn't work" to solve what's wrong.

Ubuntu - 8.04
Wine - 1.0

I don't really have the techno know-how to get errors from the terminal (sorry, but i've been a windows person for a long time). I run gtg.exe and it goes blank and just sits there after the drive running for a few seconds. I've tried crossover games and it just blanks and goes back into Ubuntu. It's just a standard XP setup for the config.

My apologies, but i'm a "just yesterday" newbie (to wine)  and i've been digging at it with limited "know-how" about how it all works. I just turned to Ubuntu a week ago and i've gone a long way (for a week) but i'm not quite to the 'troubleshooting' level yet. 

Give me a week and i'll be way ahead. I started with DOS and am no stranger to command-line but Windows warped me horribly.

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