[Wine] Re: PolarProTrainer

finnipinni wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Oct 20 08:30:12 CDT 2008

hi vitamin.
I now understand your suggestion is how to install, but.....
I use UBUNTU 8.04 latest update and Wine 1.1.6 is installed.
And so is the Polar ProTrainer 5 SW - from CD. (PTT 5)
PTT 5 is working - so and so. It contains a calender and the picture-rendering i overlaping, but this is a minor concirn.

My problem is that the buildt in uptateSW do not work, and there is alot of necesery updates since the CD-version.
Minor is that none of the links are working - i.e.  www.polar.fi  is not working when launced from the program.
May be the hole issue is that it is separated from the internett ???

The treiningSW gets data by IRDA. A numberfile is transfered from the wristwatch to the SW.
This is not working, and it is totally useless without it.

I'm still hoping for a solution, and I have very limited knowledge in datamatters.

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