[Wine] Re: Want to help Wine?

Timeout wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Oct 20 11:09:07 CDT 2008

Dear Felix,

My problems are either documented or cannot be repeated because of the bug because of the licensing (demo mode is greying out most of the options).

Look at the first post of the long thread about Autocad, that's exactly my failure log about the licensing issue. You have a very good description of what is happening on the AutoCad thread. If you want to know what's going on, ask ruelle, she has the same problem in Spanish.
Problem of child window, I have sent a Java test case. 
For the .NET problem, I had been sending bug errors even before wine started to officially support it and I had been spotted.

My problem is not the bug making it's the problem that hardly no one is so far to replicate it. SDL made it very hard to get a demo and if you want my version, you have to get 3500 EUR out of your pocket.
Autocad is the very nearest application showing the same problems because of the installshield, because of the Net and that it uses scripting.  My fellow translators see as fixing this software as climbing the everest without oxygen, most of them had already given up before starting.

If you want to know how I install IE 6 on XP on crossover, I can tell you, I had already done it in the past. I can tell you on my experiences on installing the .NET.

I beg you, please fix AutoCad and at least 60% of my bugs are gone. The rest are small things.

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